Partnering with Routledge

Introduction to Partnering with Routledge

There are many benefits of partnering with Routledge (part of the Taylor & Francis group). Here we will help you navigate all the options with the Humanities and Social Sciences Books division and decide what would suit you, your society, group or organization.

Our partnerships provide lasting benefits by delivering value-added content and free access to essential information that helps engage, inform and retain your members.

Be sure to download our brochure Partnering with Routledge: HSS Books Marketing – A guide for Societies and Organizations 2018-2019

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Academic Publishing at a Glance

Taylor & Francis Group is the academic publishing division of Informa. We are recognized internationally as one of the world’s leading education publishers through our five leading imprints: Taylor & Francis, Routledge, CRC Press, Garland Science and Cogent OA. We have a portfolio of more than 100,000 book titles and 2,300 journals available in both print and digital formats, across subject areas within Humanities, Social Sciences, Science, Technology and Medicine.

Humanities and Social Sciences Books at a Glance

The HSS Division of Taylor & Francis is home to the internationally recognized Routledge imprint. We are the world’s leading academic publisher in the Humanities and Social Sciences. We publish a wide range of books each year, serving a global community of scholars, instructors, and professionals. Routledge is a member of Taylor & Francis Group, an Informa business.

Routledge has digitized many of its titles, from classic, ground-breaking works to its current catalog. These can be purchased in collections or single-title and are available in multiple formats and platforms. Our library holds over 50,000 ebooks… and counting!

Professional Resources

We are home to a vast range of authoritative content for professionals. Routledge provides the competitive edge and essential training skills for those working in areas such as Education, Nursing, Counselling, Applied Media, Built Environment and Law.

Routledge Research

Our prestigious Routledge Research program produces cutting-edge, peer-reviewed research across subjects in the Humanities and Social Sciences. This work is often field-defining and essential to libraries and researchers.

Student Textbooks

Routledge is a leading upper-level textbook publisher in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Our textbooks expose students to innovative ideas and fundamental concepts in all stages of their degree. We also offer support to both lecturers and students via our digital products.

Partnering with Taylor & Francis HSS Books

Working with you in partnership

Routledge successfully partners with researchers, scholarly societies, professional bodies, universities and libraries worldwide to bring knowledge to life. We are committed to supporting your organization and helping you achieve your goals, whether they are specific and targeted or more wide-ranging in scope – we have a solution to fit you. Partnerships with us provide a number of tangible and lasting benefits, leading to greater personal and professional development and added value for your members.

Our aim is to provide lasting benefits to your society or organization by providing you with value added content which helps engage, inform and retain your members as well as potentially providing a revenue stream.

We engage with millions of people every year, and these people are waiting to hear about your organization, your goals and your ideas.

Resources for Partnerships

There are many ways of working together, the options are listed below and you may choose to work with us on one, or several of our solutions depending on your aims and goals.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you on customizing our existing content or creating new content that helps you achieve your goals and meets your member’s needs.

Free-to-View Content

We work with Partners to curate a collection of books from our existing book collection that distribute to your members and/or more widely for a limited period of time. This is often done to tie in with a particular short-term initiative or focus suggested by the Partner and made available on the member’s area of your website or publication.


In conjunction with our Partners we curate a collection of existing AND original content around a specific subject, that provides value to potential (and existing) members. This has been done with the addition of an introduction or chapters written by the Partner and dual-branded. This is distributed free to members or, when there is a wider message, our database of contacts can reach a broader audience with your message.

Here is an example of a FreeBook entitled Becoming a Better Leader.

Chapter Compilations

We offer several options of chapter compilation; the simplest form is a collection of chapters from one book in an electronic format. We also produce these chapters with a section of original content or a selection of chapters from different books. This allows for greater control over content and a highly tailored product for your members in an easy to access and free format.

Here is an example entitled The Essential James Gee.

White Papers

White Papers are short (5-10 page) original articles which address key information or hot topics relevant to the field that are backed up by primary or secondary research. They can be written by members of your organization, a nominated author, or commissioned by us. They can be dual branded and then distributed to your members and/or the wider field for free. We have also commissioned shorter, more focused and friendly White Papers that bring a particular subject to life or introduce new processes or protocols that have been brought in by Government or global authorities.

Here is an example entitled Mobile Learning in Tertiary Education.

Co-branded & Customized Books

We work with organizations to provide bulk quantities of co-branded or customized books and eBooks at a competitive price. These titles blend our content with bespoke material, and can be used to help staff develop the skills they need, connect with new customers, or add value to an event.


Short and accessible articles that are snapshots of an industry issue, solution, or information on a specific topic.

Here is an example entitled 5 Key Tips for College Student Wellness.

Routledge Topical Talks & Online Debates

Routledge produces a number of interactive webinars and online debates featuring exclusive content. These can be live and/or recorded, and feature key opinion leaders that could be members of your organization, others nominated by you or commissioned by us. We have produced webinars with a single presenter as well as multiple presenters in different countries. We advertise these webinars through our extensive contact database and via social media and they are free to view anywhere in the world.

Here is an example entitled Landscape Design: Can it actually improve health?

Affiliate Marketing Program

This is a type of performance-based marketing where we compensate you (the Affiliate) for any sales that come directly from your marketing efforts. We can create tailored catalogs, feature key books or create special landing pages specific to your organization. You simply post our links on your social media outlets, websites and newsletters and we will pay you for every customer that purchases our material via the links.

Awards Program

Routledge has worked with partners to design an awards package that includes a trophy or certificate, money off our books and a consultation with one of our Authors.

Online Catalogs

We work with our partners to produce organization-specific online catalogs that reflect the interests and focus of our Partners and help direct the members to new and important material in their field. This can be linked to an affiliate program, discounts for members or a free-to-view event.

Here is an example of an online catalog we put together entitled Resources for UK Teachers.


Our editorial team successfully work with our partners to produce both individual books and book series that are co-branded. The royalties from these books help to support the initiatives of the Partner.

Here is an example entitled Regions and Cities

Partnership Discounts

As a benefit of partnering with us we can offer your members discounts on HSS products.

Contact Us

If you would like more information on partnering with us, or would like to discuss your requirements further, please contact us at